Miss Juneteenth America Parent Survey

for 2024 Participants

Dear 2024 Parent/Guardian,

We value your feedback and appreciate you assisting us with program improvements.

General Experience: How would you rate your overall experience with the pageant?

General Experience: What were your main reasons for enrolling your young lady in the pageant? (Select all that apply)

Preparation and Participation: How satisfied were you with the preparation process (e.g., rehearsals, coaching)?

Preparation and Participation: How much time did you and your young lady spend preparing for the pageant each week?

Preparation and Participation: Did you refer to the orientation guide provided as part of your preparation?

Preparation and Participation: Did you attend the scheduled Zoom meetings offered?

Preparation and Participation: If you did not attend the scheduled Zoom meetings, did you watch the recordings provided?

Pageant Day Experience: How well-organized did you find the pageant event?

Pageant Day Experience: Were the pageant rules and guidelines clearly communicated?

Pageant Day Experience: How satisfied were you with the facilities and amenities provided at the pageant venue?

Impact on Young Lady: How did participating in the pageant affect your young lady's confidence and self-esteem?

Impact on Young Lady: Did your young lady enjoy participating in the pageant?

Financial Aspects: How did you find the cost of participation in the pageant (entry fees, costumes, etc.)?

Financial Aspects: Did you feel that the benefits of participating in the pageant justified the costs?

Future Participation: Would you consider having your young lady participate the program again?

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