Meet Ms. Vaughn July, 2024 Junior Miss Juneteenth® America Participant


Vaughn July of Mobile, Alabama is a freshman at Murphy High School, where she is active in volleyball and chorus. She serves as a volunteer at Covenant Academy of Mobile and is active in her community and her church.

Let’s get to know Vaughn!

Q: Why do you want to be crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: Being crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America would allow me the opportunity to show other young black girls they can be great regardless of their situation. It would be an honor to represent the black community and people that came before us with the level of excellence they sought to instill within our community.

Q: How would you serve as a role model as the crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: I will be a person of integrity at all times and do the right thing even when no one is watching. I will use this platform as an opportunity to inspire other young black females to be confident in themselves and that they are beautiful no matter what. I will also inspire others to show respect for one’s self and others in the way in which they present themselves and speak to others.

Q: What is the key to success?

A: The key to success is declication, determination, and discipline with excellence. Declication is making time for the work that needs to be done to reach your goal. For example, cutting down time to go out with friends or cutting off extracurricular activities and putting in long hours of work. Determinaton is when you work hard to reach a goal and you are going to reach it no matter what even it you fail you are going to try again. Discipline is when you keep doing something that is working or you know what you’re supposed to do and you stick to it. But all three must be done with excellence. Excellence is when something is not basic but done to meet the highest of standards.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: My proudest accomplishment is making the varsity volleyball team as a freshman. Due to my hard work and the support from my family, coach, and teammates I was able to earn a spot on the All Tournament team and receive the All County award. This is a major accomplishment due to my history with playing volleyball. There was a time when I first started playing that I wasn’t excepted by my teammates which caused me to stop playing for years. I then overcame my fear of team sports and played for a club volleyball team. I wanted to go further so I then tried out for my middle school team. I played my seventh and eighth grade year and became captain my eighth grade season.

Q: What charity did you select and why?

A: I selected the Ronald McDonald house because of their dedication to removing stress from families of the sick children in Women’s and Children’s hospital. The Ronald McDonald house provides shelter, food, and clothing to families staying there if they live twenty or more minutes away. This is an opportunity for me to highlight this organization and the items they are in need of— clothes, food, toys, and art.

Q: How do you plan to use your scholarship?

A: I plan to put it into a high yield savings account to collect interest to increase the amount of funds I will have available to utilize in preparation for school. I will use the funds to cover the cost of college fees, books, and food. If there are additional funds I will utilize them for other college expenses.

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