Meet Ms. Morgan Phillips, 2024 Junior Miss Juneteenth® America Participant


Morgan Phillips of Mobile, Alabama is an 8th grader at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, where she plays JV soccer and in the orchestra. She plays the cello and is active in her church.

Let’s get to know Morgan!

Q: Why do you want to be crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: To be crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America will allow me to honor and show respect to my heritage. It will provide a platform for me to share about my heritage and show others why our heritage deserves respect. Our theme is “More Than a Pageant.” Even if I’m not chosen to be Junior Miss Juneteenth, I’ve already learned more about who I am, who I want to become, and what I’d like to give to the world.

Q: How would you serve as a role model as the crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: I can be a role model as Junior Miss Juneteenth by serving others. Serving others includes showing respect for everyone I meet, always exhibiting a positive attitude, pitching in whenever I am asked, and showing trustworthiness at all times. Before I can serve others, I have to also model what it looks like to care for oneself by making healthy choices myself so that I can stay fit physically and mentally.

Q: What is the key to success?

A: The key to success is being yourself and doing your best at whatever job you’ve been given. My mom always tells me that I don’t have to have the highest grade in my class or be the best player on the team. She says I just have to show up and do the best that I can do. She says my best is good enough and do not compare yourself to other kids. So to me success is giving your best- whatever level that is.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: I began playing cello three years ago and I was so nervous before the start of the first concert. I survived the first concert and have since performed a solo for a district wide competition and acted as a section leader. I’m really glad that I’ve continued playing the cello. I am looking forward to learning to play the guitar and becoming a multi-instrumentalist.

Q: What charity did you select and why?

A: I chose to support Opportunity 4 Entertainers & Performing Arts because this organization works with youth in the community and gives them the opportunity to explore the fine arts but also raise awareness in our local schools by sharing information about job resources, mental health, tutoring, and other resources available in the Mobile community.

Q: How do you plan to use your scholarship?

A: I want to learn to play the guitar and I want to use the scholarship to purchase my first electric guitar. Ayanna Witter-Johnson is a black female cellist and pianist. She even sings while she plays the cello. I want to become a multi-instrumentalist and become a cellist and guitarist.

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