Meet Ms. Braylee-Joi Thomas, 2024 Teen Miss Juneteenth® America Participant


Braylee-Joi Thomas of Montgomery, Alabama is a sophomore at Brewbaker Technology Magnet School, where she is involved in volleyball, the Montgomery Teen Board and served as Miss Sophomore for Homecoming and the SGA Sophomore Representative. She is also active in her church.

Let’s get to know Braylee-Joi!

Q: Why do you want to be crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: The benefits of me wanting to be crowned Teen Miss Juneteenth of America include the opportunities to seek more through career pathways, being able to engage in more non-profit ventures to assist those who are in need, as well as redefining my own individuality as a young female teenager to guide me and my passion for becoming a change agent within society. Through my involvement in this organization I will explore, dream, and hope to nurture aspects of my life that will help me to reach more of my collective goals, as I partake in my future.

Q: How would you serve as a role model as the crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America or Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

A: I could serve as a role model as the crowned Teen Miss Juneteenth of America, by bringing a positive change for teenagers of all ages, especially those of whom never had that extra push of confidence for success and greatness. This has always been a goal for me because I know that some may not have been placed in a setting where this had been attainable. However, setting the stage that if you put your mind to it, perseverance and greatness are bound to rise for success.

Q: What is the key to success?

A: The key to success through my vision is being able to allow yourself to be flexible enough to adapt to change in different situations so that you are able to help others. Not only help others, but just grow and become the better version of yourself in general. As you do this , there will be a cycle where you attract other like minded people and that sense will become contagious! It is important to observe needs, help find solutions, and to have a growth mindset to be committed to bettering yourself as well as going that extra mile!

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: My proudest accomplishment has been being able to figure out who I am becoming as a teenager. As I grow and move into my teenage years, there are many influences. Knowing who I am and being proud of myself as a person unapologetically has really been a great feeling. Being able to overcome those humps as a teenager, especially in the world we live in today is quite different and not as rewardingly thought of. Figuring out and having a pretty good preview of myself without feeling guilty of the desires of this world is fulfilling to me.

Q: What charity did you select and why?

A: I chose the charity I’M INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE. This charity focuses on bullying, preventing suicides, engaging with community members, partnering with mental health businesses, combating depression, combating anxiety, boosting self confidence and self esteem. I chose this non-profit because I think this is a community effort program to help support the children crisis that goes on daily in our world now. Bullying occurs way more often than you could ever think. As we have social media, digital communications, influences, all of those sorts of things. This organization could decrease the numbers of suicides and self stigma in our country.

Q: How do you plan to use your scholarship?

A: I plan on using this scholarship to help the non-profit organization, IM INVISIBLE BULLYING AND SUICIDE. As well as making investments towards college. As far as exposure camps, ACT bootcamps, and seeking opportunities for personal enrichment skills training and leadership programs. I will also enhance a natural skill with my voice by pursuing voice lessons. Overall, being able to have the financial support for me as well as the 501(c) will be a way that will allow me to get the best possible results to support my personal aspirations as well as impacting an organization.

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