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Congratulations to the

2024 Crowned

Junior Miss Juneteenth America & Teen Miss Juneteenth America

2024 Miss Juneteenth America Crowned Junior and Teens Miss Queens - Announcement Cover

2024 Junior Miss Juneteenth America®

Queen Kamryn Washington

Fayetteville, GA

Kamryn is a sophomore at Sandy Creek High School, where she participates on the step team, flag football, drama club, poetry club and is a patriot singer. She enjoys theater arts, singing and dancing and is a working actor.

How would you serve as a role model as the crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth America?

“I am already a role model to my younger cousins, youth department at my church, and other students at my school and within my community. This is a role I take very seriously because many are influenced by negative social culture. If I am crowned Teen Miss Juneteenth America I would represent my culture by continuing to be the outgoing, open minded, empath that I am. I will share the messages and history of our people to all who will listen and back down from those that challenge our existence.”

2024 Teen Miss Juneteenth America® 

Queen Leatha Joyner

Los Angeles, CA

Leatha is a senior at Blue Ridge Academy, where she is involved in music, performing arts and acting. She also participates in Girl Scouts and Top Teens of America.

Why do you want to be crowned Teen Miss Juneteenth America?

“I want to be crowned Miss Juneteenth America to show everyone that they can be whatever they dream to be, and that if they keep on keeping on, their dreams can become a reality. I want be a role model for younger people of all color and share with them about African American history. I want to encourage them and to show them all that we can be. I also want them to know their skin color is more than just a color, but that it is a story of your family, your ancestors and that it is POWER.”

Registration is now open for the 2025 Miss Juneteenth America Scholarship Pageantry Program!

The registration deadline is October 31, 2024

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